Tuesday, December 23, 2008

findiq insteyirsen?

today i got to go out with our kend teserrufati (agriculture) loan officer to check out some new mushteri (clients). Essentially, i watched as the loan officer filled in a form assessing the client's assests in terms of collateral. i'm willing to bet there is a professional term for that, but i didn't go to business school. it is interesting how i understand the purpose and function for everything, but i don't know the official terms in english for them just becaue i didn't go to business school. no matter...

so the best part was when we went to the second farm and met a woman and a man. the woman insisted on feeding us, but of course we didn't want any food. well, she had a mind of her own. she ran into the kitchen, got a plate of nuts, and ran with the plate out to us. When the two other employees declined she forced the nuts into both my pockets. and the employees laughed and let it happen. thanks guys....
however, they are great nuts: hazelnuts and walnuts.


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