Monday, January 5, 2009

warning: this is about being a woman in az

again: if you are squeamish about the female anatomy or about periods, then don't read this post. however, for some women in my family, this has to be said and will be fascinating:

having your period in azerbaijan is rough. i mean, really strange and difficult. first of all, if you happen to actually have a western style toilet, then it is very likely that there is no trashcan in the bathroom. also, you can't flush anything down the toilets. on top of that, apparently the topic of periods is taboo in this culture, so it isn't ok to ask other women what they do when they have their periods. on top of that, i've been told that it is also taboo to show blood. so....what am i supposed to do with said tampon? the blood issue matters because, if I elect to stop using tampons and to use more eco-friendly products (which i want to do), then these things require cleaning. it is not always the case that the sink is with the toilet. in most cases, the toilet is separate from the hamam (the rest of th bathroom). Therefore, I would have to carry whatever i use from one place to another). let me also clarify: there are hardly any trashcans in azerbaijan in total. in my home, which is really nice, there is maybe one mini trashcan in the kitchen...but certainly none in the bathroom. so, if i wake up in the middle of the nite and i need to change my tampon, then i have to go outside (its FREEZING...its winter), take out my tampon, and take it....where (i have a western style toilet)? i've got a similar problem at work too. it is just frustrating. i guess this all goes to show that there are advantages to having the squat toilet.


Carolyn Williams said...

Hey! This is Carolyn, formerly from Ming. Want to know what I did? I would just change my tampons in my room and keep them in a bag. I know, it sounds totally gross! But it got the job done. :) Good luck!

What part of Ming do you live in? We lived in Pushkin right behind the bazaar. My husband also worked at FinDev with Parvis. How do you like it?

alexistentialism said...

hey there! of course you and jessie are famous in this part of the world.

right now i'm with my host family in the outskirts of town. literarly the first left when you come into ming from the avtovagzal. findev is good, but they don't give me any direction. i heard this was the case with jessie. is it so? i'd love to talk to him about it. maybe we should swap some email addresses...hmmm i bet i can get yours from elvin

ps: chocolate chip pancake hubnite at cindy's!