Tuesday, January 20, 2009

bad timing! but better now than later

jan 20....what a day. i wish i could just go home (DC home) and celebrate in the streets proper like. however, Jan 20 in Azerbaijan is a national day of mourning. not quite as fun, right? Jan 20, 1990 the Soviet Union invaded Azerbaijan and killed approximately 130 people, injured over 500, and imprisoned many more. I am no history grand master, but this invasion was ordered, apparently, to stymie the fall of Soviet power.
but if i may make two totally unrelated points all of a sudden related (my speciality), this is all a strange reminder that american people feel that they are in need of leadership change. and that is why the american people voted for obama. so, who knows what the future holds...but enjoy your day america. you need a little party to lift your spirits.
i would be a lot less vague and i would go into political details...hell, i'd even tell you my opinion on a lot of issues, but i can't because i'm a peace corps volunteer and this blog is public. yeah.....i can't get political. its a rule here.
party on wayne. party on amerika

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löki gale said...

didn't we all wish we could be home...or in Zaqatala ;)