Wednesday, December 17, 2008

quasi bizarre moment. a day in the life.

yesterday as i was walking from the bus stop to home for lunch i came across a huge gap in the road. come from the gap was a large flame. apparently some sort of pipe burst and caught on fire (natural gas?). so what did i do (being the foreigner i am?)? I took out my camera and started taking pictures. immediately an old old man with one tooth and a long stick (makeshift cane?) came up to me and started asking me why i was taking pictures. i told him that the situation was very interesting for me. then he started saying some other things including the words danish and olmaz (to speak, not allowed) and i had no idea what he meant so i made a joke saying how it was so nice and warm near the fire hole. he maybe laughed....well, his eyes looked like they wanted to laugh (or so i tell myself) and then i walked away. he at least said goodbye to me.

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Chris Sensei said...

You could get arrested for such culturally insensitive acts. Taking pictures of strategically important fire-holes, talking to single(toothed) men and such.