Wednesday, December 3, 2008

actual words


does anyone still read this thing?
if so...HEY

anyhow...many things have happened. events have occured. time has passed. and everything is, at the sametime, relatively the same. so is life

this Friday (today is Wednesday) I have a language exam. I generally do not like these things, but hell I knew it was coming. Wish me luck. If I pass, then I will have to undergo fewer tests in the future.

Then, on Dec 10 we volunteers get sworn otherwords, i might actually become a peace corps volunteer!!! imagine that :) Then, if all goes according to plan (inshallah, albette), I will be shipped (bused) off to Ming on Dec.11. AND THEN, after that (Dec 12) I begin my life as a microfinancial volunteer. phew.

what does this all mean? I don't know, a lot of things. Firstly, I'm excited to go to Ming. Sumgayit is one of the most polluted places in the world:,28804,1661031_1661028_1661024,00.html
and i'm generally a fan of nature, so I'm happy to go to clean Ming. Seriously, Ming is a particularly clean city. I'm also looking forward to Ming's abundant and available resources...which includes an art gallery.
Also, I will have to adjust myself to a new host family. Generally, this family seems to be really friendly, nice, and generally intellectually interested/involved. Also, i ain't gonna lie, their house is beautiful and large. however, in general, i like to live, this is still an adjustment. I've never quite figured out how to explain the whole water boiling situation to my host family i'll have to brainstorm for the future one.
Oh man, and moving my crap is going to be...NOT FUN. wow. i've got a lot of stuff. why? Because the Peace Corps has given us a lot of extra necessities...and i'm not arguing against it. however, the actual moving of belongings is not going to be easy.
what else what else....
yesterday i made dinner for myself for the first time since living in azerbaijan. shocking, huh? AND, last week I had my first ever conversation with my host brother. he asked if my mother could send him cigs from the US...what say you mom? (Don't worry mom, I've learned to word for unhealthy and happily explained that you cannot send American cigs to AZ because, indeed, cigs are unhealthy). However, don't get the wrong idea. My host brother is an alright guy...he just likes to so many others.

oh, and i had a successfull in country thanksgiving. of course it was not the same as being with my family in the US, but there was a feast and I cannot complain. There is an azerbaijani dish i'm in love with called Dovga and dovga was served. Thank YOU very much :)

i love you all and please write


Traci said...

I googled dovga. I like cooking from recipes a lot and feel like I can get a general idea of what something will taste like from reading the recipe. Not so with the dovga recipe. I think it has to do with boiling the yogurt.

Okay, new recipe found. Is it sorta like a savory rice pudding mixed with channa saag (indian chick pea and spinach dish)?

Either way - I'm now hungry.

Good luck on the test and with the move and such!

Keiff said...
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Keiff said...

Hey sweetie!

Today is December 5th, and I'm so glad it is Friday. Erick and I are planning on getting a new apt in Queens. It's really stressful. Brokers fee's are a pain in the butt (the bad kind), and it seems every freaking landlord in New York loves them! ARRRGHK! So, tonight we are going to see an apt a few blocks from Brandi's home. and somewhat near Zoe too. It's kind of thrilling to go apartment hunting, but its not fun when I fall in love with an apt. and someone else snatches it up. I HATE PEOPLE!

Yesterday was the COA holiday party. Its was nice, i worked with my boss from a previous job and we had it at a place called Taj. It was tons of fun... except for the fact that a few people kept annoying me about trivial things. But i got to eat.. so that made me happy. and brandi treated me to a drink, THAT WAS THE BEST! SHE ROCKS!

I really don't know what else to write about. Thanksgiving had a lot of screaming kids in my parents house. (I HATE KIDS TOO!)... but there was food... so i was happy again.

:-) <-- thats me being happy!

.:-( <-- thats me with a pimple on my forehead. It really hurts.

I hope to hear from you soon, and yes, i read your blog all the time. Its like I'm snooping around in someones diary. If only i can find the page with all the SCANDALOUS secrets. like... tales about a person from a state that boarders Mississippi.

I tried to email you before, but i dont think you get it.. so instead i wrote this LOOONG comment. MISSIN YA! ciao

December 5, 2008 12:06 PM