Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am a summer slug

hello kind people who actually read my blog. heeeelllo. so, i'm going to be out of town for about 10 days so i won't be able to add to this blog for a little while. tomorrow i'm headed to a city called lankaran. it is one of the southern most cities in all of azerbaijan and therefore very close to the border or iran. there is an ethnic minority there called the Talish who make awesome socks. i've purchased some of said socks for you all....brandi, tal, emily: your socks are in the US and you will get them eventually.

i'm headed to lankaran to help with a summer camp. arts and crafts week! woo hoo. afterwards, i'm visiting a village called imishli. i'm a lucky lady here in azebaijan...i have found some kindred dorky spirits. We have about 5 or so volunteers here right now that are very interested in philosophy. we like to get together for philosopher dinners (sounds pretentious, right?) most of the time people yell at us to stop talking about philosophy or attack us for our interests. however, when we get together for our philosophers' dinner we are protected from attack and get to actually talk to one another. you know, engage in discourse. sadly, some of our philosophy friends are leaving AZ in almost a month. i believe our dinner in imishli will be our last for a while.

so, i'm a slug these days. actually, if i were a real slug i'd of dried up long long ago. it is HOT here. everyday it is at least 100 degrees F. I still sweat at night and in the morning. it is not so pleasant. now, i wake up at about 6am just because i'm hot. ughhhhhh. but, i'm amazed at how adaptable the human body really is. it may not be pleasant, but i'm ok. i'm not in any danger as long as i'm constantly drinking fluids (which is what i do).
right now i'm hardly working. one reason is that i'm still waiting for my grant money to come in. another reason is that my host organization has been slacking on THEIR duties. but the third reason is just the oppressive force of heat. so, i'm just traveling and working at various camps. its not such a bad life.

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