Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July in Ming, Part 2: After Party

(BBQ time...looking into the camera, the one and only Amber. Sadly, she'll return to the states all the other AZ 5s.)
(Two of my great friends with me...on the left, Kat, and on the right (my left), my sitemate Kim). AMERIKA

(Kim standing infront of the reservoir just minutes before we decide to jump into the water for the sunset)

The After Party (volunteers only, thank you) took place at Mingechevir's reservoir. It was a perfectly beautiful night and I ate all the s'mores by myself in a corner. I guess it made people mad. I hate to say it, but I have no regrets. Of course, I now have to put up with being known as the "cookie monster" or, really, the "s'more hoarder", but, regrets. Ruthless, right?

Special thanks to the International Red Cross volunteer who gave us and our bbq goods a lift to the reservoir. An extra kudos to her for returning her vehicle to the city center before joining us so as to be sure not to drive drunk. Impressive!

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