Monday, August 16, 2010


So, for some reason my blogger is being crazy and it won't let me see the pictures and write captions next to them. Therefore, I'll do my best to recount:

1. Weird back picture: yes, that was my spine. It was inflamed like that for 24 hours and I have no idea why. Medical assumes it was a skin issue that disappeared. Ok...

2. The mattress picture: It says "good luck" on friend Colleen and I found that funny.

3. My in the broken down Lada (car): self explanatory.

4. The watermelon advertisement: Summer is here and watermelon's are CHEAP. And tasty. The advertisement reads "...because it is summer!". The advertisement is for a tangy white cheese you find all over Azerbaijan. Azerbaijanis like to eat sweet watermelon with the tangy white cheese. I love it.

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