Sunday, August 1, 2010

The End is Near

Well, it is finally that time: I found out my Close of Service date, November 19th. What does this mean? This means I will officially finish all things PC on that day and can fly out of country either that night or the next day. However, things are a little more complicated than that for me in terms of traveling. My friend (PCV) Charlie and I are planning to go to Armenia and Turkey together, but Charlie does not finish his service until the 26th. So, what do I do for that week? TBD. Also, Chris doesn't want to end his service until December (what a stinker), so I will be traveling without him for about three weeks. That is ok though, because Chris and I will eventually meet up and continue together into Southeast Asia. Or, that is the plan as it stands right now.
So, if anyone in the states wants to meet me in the nation of Georgia for about a week in December, then let me know!
But what about the rest of service and the other PCVs? We all have different COS dates. They trickle us out over a period of time for the sake of organization. PCVs could request leaving up to about 3-4 weeks earlier than our official date (December 6-10) without forgoing any of their benefits. This is what I did, like many others. Some people are leaving starting the 12th of Nov, others, like Chris, won't leave until the very end for various reasons. Chris says he wants to see what Azerbaijan is like during their elections. Well, when we first arrived there were elections and personally I do not feel interested in reliving them, but to each their own.
For the rest of service I will be finishing up the terms of my grant. I still have to finish it! Then, I hope to commit myself to some smaller and mobile environmental projects. This way I can work with a number of volunteers across the country. But, we'll see.
Starting the 3rd of August my group of volunteers will be attending our COS Conference. It is at this conference that we find out about all the details connected with finishing service. So no questions about details until after please (that means YOU MOM)!

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