Thursday, January 21, 2010

Trip to Quba and Xachmaz

Jake and Bender in Xachmaz

red village houses...fancy

Quba is a mountain town almost straight north from Baku and close to the Russian border. In my opinion, Quba is one of Azerbaijan's nicer towns. The architecture is a little different from the rest of the nation and the streets are mostly clean. Quba is also home to some unique sites including an all Jewish village where people actually say "Shalom" instead of "Salam". Also in Quba, as you can see from the gruesome picture above, is home to a mass grave site that has been mostly unearthed. It was strange to go see so many human remains so unprotected. Azerbaijan is only now in the process of creating a memorial to those who died. These deaths were probably caused by Soviet soldiers, but some believe Armenians are at fault.
the gates to Quba stadium

Quba PCVs: Chris and Amy
The river dividing Quba from Quba's Red Village (Jewish Village)

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