Tuesday, January 5, 2010

t minus 11 months

but hey, who is counting anyways?

right now i'm busy. i'm trying to finish a SPA (small project assistance) grant before january 15th, trying to write a grant for a community garden project, and trying to revamp the environmental committee website. also, i watched my sitemate's two cats for nearly a month. so i've had three cats for a month. i'm also getting some major reconstruction done to my apartment. as a result i have strangers walking in and out of my apartment at a minute's notice everyday. busy busy busy.

new years was great. i went to baku and lived it up with my friends. at this point, my group of volunteers are very close to one another. whether we ever wanted to or not, we know each other and far too much information about each other. so, we've all learned to love one another in some manifestation of the meaning of the word. i've never really experienced a small community like this before. as a consequence it is hard for us to meet the new volunteers because it feels strange to start all over or to be newly judged again. however, we'll all just have to get used to it, like everything else in the peace corps.

on a side note, i visited two new cities/towns here: Xachmaz and Quba. I will post pictures as soon as I get my camera back. I left it with another volunteer..here's looking at you amy.

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