Thursday, November 19, 2009

4. Goa....the laid back beach on the Arabian Sea

After our late night train from New Delhi to Jaipur, Lexi and I were relieved to fly from Jaipur to Goa. The late night train was hours upon hours late and we had wasted valuable time. Unlike the train, our flight to Goa was on time and smooth sailing. Above is a shot of Lexi and I at the Evershine Guesthouse in Anjuna Beach, Goa. The owners of the hostel are incredibly kind and familial. We hungout with the other hostel goers the entire time.
One day during our trip we visited a waterfall. On the way back we saw this elephant being used for selling rides. I don't like that at all...

During our stay at Evershine, we hungout with the following travelers (from left to right) Brett (Australian), Lexi (my PC friend in Barda), Kathi (German), Anja (German), and Linn (Norwegian). Don't know the dog, but he was enjoyable company too.

This picture is on Baga Beach, Goa.

Baga Beach...leaving little to the imagination.

Baga Beach...and Indian bellies.

A temple in Anjuna.


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