Thursday, September 10, 2009

I moved

You read correctly, I now live in a new apartment. I am on the 9th floor with four rooms and three balconies. I love my view, but when the elevator breaks a 9th floor walkup is about as enjoyable as it sounds. So far, no problems. Well...minus the move in. Right smack in the middle of moving into my new place the elevator broke down with my sitemate stuck inside. It was...a moment. Luckily Bev opened the doors up from the inside and freed herself. As we discussed our next course of action, two little girls from my neighborhood carried the remainder of my belongings up the 9 flights! Now THAT is hospitality. I got lucky.

Soon enough my new kitten will move in with me. I will surely post pictures of her/him when that time comes.

My birthday was amazing and mostly relaxed. I found a real deal coffeeshop in Baku and spent the day there hopped up on caffeine and downloading music I purchased for my birthday. My friend has an embassy worker friend, so we spent the night at his place and it felt like a slice of luxury and america all rolled into one.

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