Thursday, September 17, 2009

beast of cat, in tiny sizes

before i introduce my new kitten, let me add something i previously forgot: in my new home i take bucket baths and i have no internet. booo. so, if i disappeared from the internet, now you know why. hopefully i can get the phone line fixed somehow. we will see. all my azeri friends have left the city, so i need someone to help with the translation.

also, peace corps is taking away 10 azn from my monthly housing allowance. this blows. this makes me poorer.

hey, but things are not so bad. i truly like my new place a lot. it has three balconies and incredible views of mingechevir. the wind blows through it (fresh air) and it is both quiet and peaceful. actually, i retract that: my kitten runs after me yelling for me to cuddle with her. she is only quiet when nuzzled into me.

So, on that note, back to my new kitten: beast cat! my sitemate, kim, adopted a pregnant cat. no one realized that the cat, scout, was pregnant at the time of adoption. well, 11 weeks ago scout had four kittens. my other sitemate, andrea adopted two (baskin and robbins) and i took beast. sadly, i was going to take runt (preliminary names, beast = biggest/first to develop, runt = smallest/last to develop), but the little tucker died for unknown reasons a couple of days before i could take her. instead, i took beast cat. perhaps i'll rename her. i'm not sure. i'm sorry my picture of her is horrible. i promise to get better ones soon.
the other posted picture is one of the views from one of my balconies.

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mma said...

dear owner of beast, I like your new view. xo Mary