Tuesday, April 28, 2009

problem solvers

let me explain this photo...i am inside a marshrutka on my way to Ganja, which is either the 3rd or 2nd largest city in Azerbaijan (depends on who you ask). Now, this is an extraordinarily ghetto marshrutka: it is missing a front wind shield.
For some reason, approximately half way through our ride the driver stops to remedy this problem. What does he do to fill the gaping whole that is the wind shield? He gets a cardboard box and a stick. And nope, cardboard boxes are indeed still opaque. So that thing in the picture is the front wind shield/cardboard box.


T$ said...

Oh man, I'm trying so hard to refrain from making what I think is the obvious (immature) response to this post...!

Shaw, you out there?

Keiff said...

Immaturity ROCKS!