Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Yag City

i promise to get pics up next time! i may have figured out/heard of a way....

about my ability to receive emails:
i messed some info up.
FIRST: indeed, i now can receive gmail emails on my phone. however it is really expensive.
SECOND: i can ALSO receive yahoo emails on my phone. so what i suggest is the following:
THIRD: if you want to send me the equivalent of a text message (short, not requiring a lot of writing back), then please send it to yahoo. if you want to send me a real deal email: then please send it to gmail.
FOURTH: thanks for writing at all! i love it, please keep it coming.

yag is butter, by the way. my family laddles it out for everything i eat. and yet, my host mom still complains to my LCF that i don't eat enough butter and sugar. is she crazy?!

about the tetracylcine green beans (it was lunch today, btw): apparently there is a sort of folk belief that adding tetracycline to stored foods helps to make sure the water is more sanitary and clean. i'm just glad im not allergic to the stuff, but i'm scared they mix in other things i do not know about. yikes!

my sister washed my clothes for me the other day in a washing machine. i'm pretty lucky about that...it was fun seeing my stuff hanging from a gigantic clothes line. i took pictures, of course. will the novelty of clothes lines wear off? i bet it will.

today during class i heard a cow moo outside my window. it was excellent.

the only other thing i can report is that my house dynamic has changed. i apparently live about five other people. the father and son both work in oil and they go to work for a week to fifteen days at a time. so, right now the father is gone and the son has returned. they will switch off like that. it's a full house alright!

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Keiff said...

So do you have to share a room? That really stinks. What if you snore or fart while sleeping? Uruurghk, i would just die if i do that in front of a stranger. How does the style of food taste? When I am at work i hear mooing all the time time... but other people interpret it as

"ummm, keith... can you ummm... send out these umm MOA's, thanks."