Friday, October 3, 2008

the death of freedom

ominous sounding title, i know. but it's true. i like my family a lot...they are fine. well, minus the time my mother started jarring green beans with tetracycline. i don't know if i'll every understand that, but it doesn't make me like them less. that is for sure.
but, yeah the death of freedom. i can't go anywhere but to school and to home. it can be really frustrating for me. as you all know, i'm very used to freely moving about. i knew this would be restricted, but i didn't realize to what degree. a lot of this has to do with my particular cluster site. i am in a much smaller area and there is no place for me to go unless it is a fellow pct's apartment. so, im very inactive. VERY. and that's hard. i can't go to the beach to go for a walk. i can't go to a restaurant. i can't even just sit outside...there is no place for sitting for women. this might sound scary, but it isn't scary. or, i'm not scared. however, i'm definitely not free in any capacity. other pcts, however, have a lot more freedoms than me, so this is a personal challenge for sure.
so, what do i do? i try to stay busy. i go to school from 9-5 most days and then i try to think of something to do for as long as i can. some days this just isn't a possibility. sometimes, i feel awkward because i'm just lingering around other pcts because i just don't feel like going home.
my home is very nice environment, but it is small and all i can really do is paint, study, and read. which, is a good thing i guess. at least i can paint! that is a life saver. but, yeah...i can see the "gaining weight" dilemma happening. if a person cant move and only gets fed starch, then we all know what happens, don't we? my theory is this: my pants can't get dried in a dryer, so as they stretch out, they will reach some sort of size harmony with my waist and i'll never need to buy new clothes! that, or i'll stay the same size (a girl can dream, right?) and i'll just start using a belt. that works too.

i want to clarify something: i DEFINITELY still receive emails through gmail. however, i can't get them as often. however i did learn that i can receive text messages from at least at&t and t-mobile on my cellphone at no extra charge!! so text away! i shouldn't make my phone number public, but if you want it, then please email me in some capacity.


dead cheeto said...

i miss you!

(p.s. it's me, brandi. dead cheeto)

123ny321 said...

Hey. (it's keith) I sent you an email... i hope you received it. I am going to send you a text from sprint. Hopefully you will get it... then we will be able to FINALLY have phone-text-sex! YAY! This sex blogging really gets me out of the mood. but seriously... i miss you. I talk to erick about all the neat and not-so-neat things you do in asses-band-john. Hmmmm, maybe third world countries should NOT be on my next stop of places to visit. Unless of course its GUATEMALA! - bye.

alexistentialism said...

note to family and friends: i love my well intentioned friend keith, but yet he is really dirty in what he says. but just know: we are platonic and indeed, not sexually involved. carry on keith.