Monday, October 11, 2010

roof cat

I have a cat that lives on my roof. It doesn't want to be my friend, but wants to talk to me sometimes. I've come to realize the cat specifically comes to my section of the apartment building roof when it needs me to open the trap door that leads to the roof. If I don't open the trap door, this crazy cat will walk around the roof for days meowing. If I hear the roof cat and go to me porch to say "what do you want roof cat", the crazy black and white cat looks at me, upside down from the roof, and meows in my direction for about 20 seconds and then leaves. I've tried to save the roof cat, but it runs away from me every time. Oh roof cat. Why?

--yes, this is evidence that Peace Corps Volunteers go a little crazy after two years. But, the roof cat is even crazier than me. I swear.

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