Thursday, September 16, 2010

That Super Sad Bear in Shamaxi

I have a video showing the sad living quarters of the sad Shamaxi bear but, alas, it is just barely too large of a file for blogger. I wish I could upload it, but as of this moment I cannot.
Shamaxi is a mountainous area approx. 2 hours outside the capital, Baku. We do have some PCVs serving there. When you are taking a long bus ride from Baku to wherever in the north, you eventually stop for tea somewhere along the way. Often, during the summer, marshrutkas will stop in Shamaxi. A couple of these roadside restaurant areas show off their captured bears. These bears are isolated (one restaurant, one bear) and kept in horrible little cages. They just walk around in circles of their own excrement. I have a video of this, but again I can't upload it just yet. It is heartbreaking.
The second picture has nothing to do with is just amusing. There is a lot of misunderstood English on clothing in Azerbaijan.

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