Saturday, June 5, 2010

landlords: stop toying with my emotions

here's what happened the other day:

my landlord wants to speak to me. she tells me, "The people who own the apartment are returning from Russia, so you have to move out today. I have a new apartment for you. Everything is in it, it is wonderful. No big deal. But, you have to move right now. Oh, and there are people in the apartment right now (the one I want you to move to), but they'll leave tomorrow".
Say WHAT???
I went to go look at this new apartment. It was crappy and filled with a family. I told my landlord that I was not game and that I would move to my friend's apartment, but that I would need my remaining rent money. My landlord told me that she couldn't give me any money back, so I would have to move to this new crappy place filled with people. I should mention that during this time I am also babysitting my friend's kitten. Therefore, I would also have to move two cats to an apartment filled with Azeris. Also, just because the landlord says these people are leaving tomorrow, this doesn't mean they are.
At this point I got upset and called our Safety and Security Officer. He spoke to my landlord for under 5 min. From this 5 minute conversation my landlord decided I could stay in my apartment for as long as I wish.
So what happened here?
I don't know. I guess she was trying to gain profit through some maneuvering. This is upsetting for a number of reasons, but one of them being that I trusted my landlord. One of the reasons I moved into this particular apartment was to specifically have her as a landlord. What a let down.

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