Thursday, April 15, 2010

Agdam Rayon School # 52

In this first picture are three of the six girls Katie (my new sitemate, also CED) and I teach and internet course to. I'll be honest: I'm really not sure what all the millitary stuff is going on at this school. But, that is just a sidenote anyways. I was introduced to this school through my counterpart at Finance for Development (FinDev, most host organization). The director at this school is wonderful to work with because he speaks slowly and clearly, follows through with his word, and lets volunteers do any project they want at the school.
Teaching this class has been interesting on a number of levels. We already know this, but MAN do class sizes matter! I had to kick kids out of my class just so I could get around to the actual teaching part. And, I'm a wuss. I didn't even do that the last time I taught at this school. But, it paid off this time. I really enjoy introducing these girls (and teachers) to the basics. I'm helping them to make email addresses. I'm trying to teach them some basic internet english like: username, password, send, reply, inbox, compose mail (why the hell do we say compose instead of write?), email, world-wide web (that was the most fun to teach...I mean, how would anyone know what www means anyways?) and so much more. The class is extrememly slow..out dial up speed is atrocious at best. But, at least it is happening.

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