Thursday, December 17, 2009

kitten take over situation

right now i'm watching three cats...and i will be watching three cats until my sitemate andrea returns in early january. it is pretty hilarious having them around. they are damn cute when they want to be. they also produce way too much poop. boy do i miss kitty litter! i have to clean out boxes filled with sandy dirt and crap every other day. but, i guess i'll do anything for love. just a note: the three cats are brothers and sisters...all descendents from my sitemate kim's cat scout. they are generally used to each other and get along. i've got beast, the girl, and andrea has felix and oscar (formally baskin and robbins), the boys.
in other news we received four new sitemates. mingechevir now has 8 americans residing in it. it's nice having all these newbies. i want to start a number of projects and i'm hoping that some of them will join and help me. wish me luck. just to break it down: we have three women, two in their twenties and one who is older...i dont know her age. this latter volunteer has got a treasure trove of experience to pull from and i'm excited to have her here. luckily peace corps azerbaijan gets its fair share of 50 plus volunteers and i love having them as sitemates. when you are stuck in the same small town with someone for a year or two the more stories they have to tell the better. we also got one guy in his twenties. we badly needed a male to help us with all the young males in our community so this is a relief.

new projects i hope to start soon:

community garden project
art mural
some stuff with my host org regarding diversifying funds, etc
build a website for environmental committee
internet course at the IDP school

let's see...what else. well, the other day in an extreme wind storm i thought i might lose an entire wall. that was plenty scary. i have a wall mostly made from wood and glass windows. the whole thing starting leaning inwards towards me in the wind. infact, most of the frames (around windows, doors) got somewhat dislodged in the storm. so i ran around my apartment trying to board up the window/door/wall with wood and nails in hope of saving my wall. of course i had no electricity at the time too. eventually i sat on the ground with hammer, nail, and flashlight in hand just watching the wall, hoping i could stop the boarding process. i'm happy to report i still have a home with all of its walls.

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