Monday, August 24, 2009

wonka wonka bonka

is that my skin suctioned up in tiny jars? um, the answer is yes. azerbaijanis use rubbing alcohol to sterilize the jar and then place them on their backs as a home remedy for almost anything. from research, i've found that azerbaijan is not the only culture to practice this sort of detox:

those things really suction! i've got bruises all over my bank.


Emma said...

I've got a killer farmer's tan but I wonder what yours is called?

alexis said...

azerbaijanis just tell me that i'm black (qara), but i'm secretly so very white.

Keiff said...

ew. it looks like flesh coloured lightbulbs. Did they slice you back to suck out the blood? Personally, that looks painful... i rather be like britney. TOXIC!